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TG Series

For the very first time in recent history, the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter that is made predominantly of steel and aluminium!

At last it has arrived....


The TG will feature a predominantly steel body with cast aluminium headset and horncast. It features a new 'lowrider' seat as standard to give confidence to those who need a lower seat height.  The comfortable 'King and Queen' seat or the single bench style seat can also be retro fitted.


We have focussed on 'attention to detail', elements of the scooter design have been very carefully considered such as the 'gemlight', the superb new main keyfob, the cast aluminium horncast with chomed grille and we are delighted with the results - we hope that you are too!


All new wheels, simply stunning and very retro..

Modified Chassis to encompass the now 'rounder' rear section of the main body.

New headset - essential for the new full colour TFT speedometer and Gemlight

New Indicators, front and rear.


Royal Alloy, masters of 'Retro'!

Technical Specifications
Air Cooled Models
Technical Specifications
Liquid Cooled Models
TG Gallery
Stunning paint scheme
What a picture!
Old meets new
Less is more
Is this really a 300?
Classic dealer special
Pride of Manchester
Typhoon Special
And another angle please!
Yes, it IS snowing!
A member of the Royal Family!
A Real Scooter Warrior
Party time!
A new air cooled TG
A quality scooter....
New meets Old....
Lots of information...
Lots of style!....
On show....
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