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GP 125 AC
Royal Alloy - GP 125 AC See Details

Strengths of the past

GP 125 Where the technology of today meets the strengths of the past. Metal bodied with clean precise lines encases a smooth, versatile fuel injected heart, pushing you past a mere trip into the journey your soul desires

GT 200 LC

Royal Alloy - GT 200 LC

Taking advantage of the weight saving Plastic body work that helps its little Sibling be the competi...

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GP 125 LC

Royal Alloy - GP 125 LC

GP125 S Performance and specification fused into a perfect package of useability, jaw dropping looks...

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Royal Alloyalty

Owning a Royal Alloy should be more that just a name on a log book. Be part of a community.

Be the first to learn of developments with the brand, exclusive offers, download content, and much more.

New Royal Alloy GT 125

Coming January 2018 A Traditional style scooter with thoroughly modern reliability and timeless appeal.

Royal Alloy GP Range First Look

First look at the new Royal Alloy GP Range unveiled at EICMA in Milan 7th November 2017. Exclusive to MotoGB

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